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Level of service was "Excellent".  Quality of work was "Great, our carpets look like brand new again, no old spots have surfaced again!"  The most important things that Genesis did was "worked very hard, and in a timely manner.

Amy T., Licensed Vocational Nurse
Anna, TX

Genesis Carpet Cleaning did an exceptional job on my carpets! 

My carpets are almost 10 years old, but after being cleaned, they looked and smelled like new. Genesis was able to remove pet stains and odors left behind from two dogs.  The chemicals 
used did not have an overwhelming smell and was safe for my children and dogs.  The service was professional from start to finish.

Not only did the technician take care in the appearance  and cleanliness of my carpet, but he also took great care in protecting my walls and doorways during the cleaning. The service I received far exceeds those of other carpet cleaners I have used in the past.   The friendliness,  knowledge, and professionalism Genesis Carpet Cleaning gave me will make them my carpet cleaners for years to come.

Amy B. - Housewife
McKinney, TX

My wife and I would like to personally thank you for exemplary carpet cleaning and exceptional customer service. I must admit your company name is quite relevant to our particular situation.

We purchased a home where the previous owners had hidden pet stains under numerous rugs, throughout the house, during the initial sale. Between cleanings, we had family functions/parties where friends and babies had such a field day on our carpet they had ruined it.  After 3 months of carpet shopping, measuring, and comparing costs, we decided to take one more chance on thorough cleaning.  Of course the failed cleanings and high charges of 2 other companies didn’t leave much room for optimism, but prior to spending $5,000.00 in replacement carpet we felt one last attempt was warranted.

Initially entering our home, after hiring your cleaning service, my wife and I both were awed at the finished product.  Every single stain (dog, cat, kool-aid, mud/dirt, etc.), every last one was GONE.

Additionally, the floor was dry – no long waiting period; no walking with our shoes off, nor any of the other inconveniences we were accustom to. Our house was pleasant and your prices are GREAT!  Thanks for saving us 

so much money we didn’t have.

Cornell and Monica H.
McKinney, TX


I'm impressed!

When I first walked into the rental property you cleaned up for me, I thought the carpet was a goner. You proved me wrong big time!

Now it looks good enough for me to have a new tenant move right in tomorrow with no concern for what they might think about the carpet.

In addition to the work itself, I appreciate your professionalism in explaining what needed to be done and how you were going to go about doing the job.

If you have a potential customer in the future who'd like to get first-hand customer response to your work, feel free to have them call me.

McKinney, TX

My wife and I just wanted to let you know that not only were we happy with the job that you did on the carpets in our home, we really appreciated the extra time and effort you put into certain areas of concern.  As you know, with four children and a big dog, our carpets can get pretty dirty, and we were just amazed at how well it turned out.  We also appreciate the bottle of stain remover that you left us in case of "accidents" before your next visit.

Thanks again for a job exceptionally done!
Shawn & Tracey C.
McKinney, TX

We were beyond pleased with the quality and professionalism of Richard's carpet cleaning (Genesis Carpet Cleaning). The carpet in all four of our rental houses had heavy stains, especially from pets. We tried other carpet cleaners, but we left with mediocre results. Richard's service left the carpets looking brand new. The tenants were also impressed with how professional and courteous Richard is. He treated them and their homes with respect. I cannot recommend Richard highly enough.

Denise S. - CEO
Video Rental Services